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Greetings everyone and welcome! I am Edri, a Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Herbalist and Certified Personal Trainer. While using herbs and natural protocols over the last eleven years, I have been fortunate enough to find my life’s purpose and passion in the wellness sector. Helping people to achieve long lasting health by using simple, natural protocols, without harming the body is what I am about.

Physical fitness came to me early as I started working out in my apartment gym at 12 years old. I lifted weights, ran, biked and swam almost daily. I fell in love with the activity and trained in several sports into my 20’s until I was hired by a major U.S. airline. After 1 year of flying, I put on about 30 lbs. The jet set lifestyle had taken its toll on my body and I felt sluggish, was always sick and simply not thriving as a young person under 30.

It was around this time that I would first discover natural remedies and herbs. I became acutely aware of the chemical load that I was exposed to and carrying as a result of our seemingly unnatural, natural world. I had found it challenging to find truly organic, non-genetically modified and unprocessed foods. I was searching for answers and the questions led me to embark on my first herbal detoxification. Through nutrition, herbs and fasting, I purged toxins and waste from my body, lost unwanted weight, and experienced increased energy levels. With this newfound vitality, I resumed a regular workout regimen and very quickly noticed that the fast, nutrition, and lifestyle changes made me feel like a new person.

I approached health and wellness professionally in 2014 when I obtained my personal training certification. I often found though that people couldn’t get and maintain fitness because of other underlying conditions. People that don’t feel well are most likely, not going to work out or complete any fitness plan.

I wanted to further my education about the body to be more effective, so I researched, studied and immersed myself in holistic health. This brought me to understand that only the body can heal itself. Wellness will come when you understand root causes of imbalances and give the body the right conditions to thrive. In 2016, I became a holistic nutrition counselor. The studies included ancient African, Incan Indian and Chinese modalities. Herbs may also be used to bring about a healing condition in the body. I was desirous to learn the fundamentals of herbalism, so I continued my holistic herbalism studies in 2019.

I look to provide holistic solutions to individuals facing everyday health challenges as well as guidance to physical fitness. I understand that every person is unique and has individual needs. My goal is to share with you the information I have gained while helping you to achieve your individual natural, dynamic health!

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